Keep On Crabbin’

Keep on Crabbin’ is a new store to help promote the importance of a healthy, varied, and non-commercial diet in the life of your crabs. The store offers various dry foods in individual packets for you to choose from or they offer pre-made mixes as well. The purpose behind the mixes is to help a newer crabber learn the importance of a healthy diet for their crabs by offering most of the essentials needed in a crabs diet to be met throughout the rotation of the packets. For example one pack might contain worm castings, shrimp, green pepper, and apple and the next packet might be kiwi, coconut, hamburger, rose petals, and a third packet would be steak, carrot, blueberries, egg shells just as an example. So if they are rotated correctly meaning serve pack 1, or part of it, for one or two days, then rotate to pack 2, then pack 3 and so on the crabs will get a varied diet and the crabber can kind of get an idea of some of their crabs favorite food. The second purpose behind the mixes are for more established crabbers that might be going on vacation and don’t want to have to worry about a pet sitter messing something up, or for those nights when they are just too tired to prepare a meal for their crabs, they can just pop in a packet already made and do some quick housekeeping and have one less thing to worry about.

The individual food packs are there so people can choose what they would like to feed their crabs and in some cases letting them try something new or not commonly available to them.

The store is run by a dedicated and established crabber that knows how daunting it can be to learn the importance of a diet in the life of a crab. So if you are looking to try something new for your crabs or you are a new crabber still feeding your crabs a commercial diet then I encourage you to look here:

And as always Keep On Crabbin’!!!